Tuesday, May 14, 2013

haPpY mOtHer'S dAy!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms in the world!!
Uik?x terlambat sgt kan tuk ucapan ni?
Sebab 2 me every day is Mother’s Day..*wink*wink*..
Entry lambat sebab x berkesempatan nak karangnye..hee..
Lagipun aku tgk ramai wat entry+ucapan camtu,
So aku pun nak jgk la.

This is my Precious Family..

To mom+dad,
Tq for all the hardship both of u have gone through untuk membesarkan kami
(pengorbananmu xkan dapat kami balas)
From baby to adult,
Both of u had thought us the meaning of love,
Friendship, family bond, failure, courage and many more.
Both of u have shed tears when we make mistakes or hurt ur feelings.
But u never keep all our wrong doings in ur heart..
Both of u are a rainbow after the rain, u are the light in the darkness,
U are our bestfriend when we needed most.
U are everything that we have..
By this time, my tears are heavily pouring down coz i really care for both of u..
I can’t bear losing both of u..
U are always in my prayers and in my mind.
Without the both of u, we are nothing in this world..
no one can ever replace both of u..
We really2 love u Pn Rahimah Kasim + En. Alias Dolsamad..

Xlupe juga to my In Laws, Pn Saedah Arifin+ En. Adim Ahmad,
Tq for accepting me as ur daughter in law..
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